Our detailed training program was developed using a journeyman apprentice philosophy. Every detail specialist that will work on your RV has apprenticed, and demonstrated proficiency in RV washing and waxing techniques before they are allowed to work independently on your RV. Smart RV Service is committed to train every team member, to consider your needs first and protect your investment.


Enviromentally Friendly Soaps


Reverse Osmosis Water


Soft Bristle Brooms


UV Protectant Wax

Wash, Wax and Buff

Smart RV Service provides Wash, Wax and Buff Services inside of Verde Ranch RV Resort In Camp Verde, Arizona.  You relax while we make your RV shine!

RV Repair and Maintenance

We also offer a variety of RV maintenance services including plumbing, water heater repair, septic clean-out, AC repair and more!

Si02 & 9H Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating applies a hard, glass-like substance to protect your vehicle from excessive heat, water damage, uv rays, sun damage, and water damage. Our ceramic coating has a hardness rating of 9H, on a scale from 0 – 10. 

Our trainers and managers have a combined 30 years of experience in the industry.  We are constantly testing different cleaning products.  We don’t just choose any soap that’s on sale – we choose the highest grade soaps, conditioners, waxes and professional applicators we can find for your benefit. Treat your RV with the service you deserve.  Preserve your finish, decals, bumpers, plastics and chrome to keep them shining for years and miles to come!

Travel, live, enjoy your time! We can help you make it shine.

The Supplies That We Use

A key to a quality wash is the water.  Untreated tap and well water will leave water spots on any finish.  The time it takes to dry from one side of an RV to the other is plenty of time for non filtered water to spot the finish. We only use filtered water to clean your RV to ensure a spot free wash every time.  The pressure washers we use are tuned for our job.  Our specialists are trained to use the pressure washer to pre-soak your finish, then use the soft bristle brushes to wash and loosen the dirt and grime. After the soap is applied the pressure washer is used to rinse off the soap at the end of the wash.

The soap that we use on your RV will depend on the condition of the finish, If there is grease or tar a mild degreaser will break down the grease and grime gently. Our soaps are selected to clean without infringing upon the integrity of the finish keeping the environment in mind.  Soap is never applied directly to the RV, instead it is applied to soft bristle brushes and micro-fiber rags for hard to clean places.   

Through our years of experience, we’ve found that Easy Reach Brushes are undoubtedly the finest brushes on the market.  Easy Reach is dedicated to providing high quality cleaning products that will deliver time and time again whether you have two wheels or eighteen wheels. By applying our high quality soap to these brushes, we gently remove built up dirt and grime leaving your RV feeling squeaky clean every time!

RV finishes vary.  When we hand wax or buff your finish we will use high quality wax with UV protection that is designed to go on your finish.  It will provide protection from extreme weather conditions, road grime and anything else you encounter on your journey.  When possible we will use an Acrylic Polymer Polish wax  and Sealer with a micro finishing compound added to take care of oxidation, stubborn stains, and streaks. Nothing will leave your RV protected like the tech products we use!  

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